Beyond Quantum

This is said to be one of the most advanced healing modalities on the planet today. Also referred to as multi-dimensional healing, as healing can occur on all levels- Physical, mental, Spiritual and emotional.

If I had to sum it up in just a few words; most phenomenal ride where you remain seated and no drugs are involved! Or Traveling to many destinations without leaving your chair.

I didn’t know much about it, well actually I knew nothing about it, other than I felt this deep push to book an appointment.

And so I did…

The 2 weeks leading up to my session I had some basic recommended but not required ‘homework’ to complete. My visitors would see stick it notes with this saying on it; I have clear and direct communications with my higher self. I posted this around the house so that I could repeat it every time I seen it!

I was given some links to Youtube videos to prepare. I would watch and try so hard to see and feel what I was thought I had to in order for my session to be productive.I was getting somewhat concerned as nothing seemed to be helping my mind prepare and my Ego was whispering…It’s not going to work. But I kept pressing on and prepping for this session. One assignment was to prepare some questions that you’d like to be asked during your session. Could be anything related to your relationship, health conditions,past experiences, job related. Up to 12 questions and at the time I couldn’t even put 1 to paper! And one I think is most important! Meditate daily! Learn how to clear your mind and just Be.

A couple days prior I finally felt ready to write down my Questions for Nicole to ask me during my session, prior to I really had no idea how I was going to come up with 1 question let alone up to 12! But one this day my hand just kept writing…

Here I was sitting in the chair across from her. Introduction Complete and meditation reading finished. Ego still saying its not going to work.

I recall within minutes after she began the BQH and her gentle voice was leading me somewhere that I hadn’t been. The feelings began, the raw emotion was incredible. As the session went on….the emotions became so intense and I was experiencing and feeling so much! What I was able to visualize and where my mind particularly took me was overwhelming emotionally but so much needed! The energy… Was out of this world. I have been thinking of it lately as a out of body experience because there is no way that kind of energy could flow through me in such an intense forceful but yet mesmerizing way. That energy that was circling throughout my upper body was phenomenal and so pure! I could describe it as a massive waterfall running through my veins… I believe my spirit guide was cleansing me of so much sadness and pain.

You have no control of where you go…your conscious guides you to what you need to ‘feel’ in order to experience that healing release. It’s real…so real!

In my session I was able to see symbols for the first time and my spirit guides presented in their own way. Which was amazing! There they all were! At times I just didn’t want to be moved to another question…Sometimes the pain was so deep…so intense that I needed her to move forward and she just knew when to do this. So calmly she’d guide me and keep me feeling secure and safe. Thank you Nicole!

A session of…Letting go!

The healing continued even after my session ended. The day of my mind was just retracing this magnificent trip I have just been on. I was researching some of the symbols my spirit guides presented and just in awe of what took place. The following day I actually felt like I had a hangover! It was just a all day hangover and feeling just a bit blue. My husband kept asking me why did I even go through that. He felt bad that I was feeling this way. Hadn’t had a drink but sure had the feeling of an all nighter!

The 2nd day was so amazing. Gone was any headache and sickness! I just felt like I was healed! Renewed! Cleansed! Charged!

I am so thankful that Nicole offers this amazing experience in our small town! 

If you’re interested in learning more Contact Nicole on Facebook or Instagram. Her page is Siouxland Reiki and Spirit Nook. Email her at She is located in LeMars, Iowa.