Swaddlez review

When you’re little one never lays still during a diaper change! These covers by #swaddlez are great! For home and away! Great for babies and toddlers! Super soft #bamboo and naturally #hypoallergenic you’ll get a pack of 3  Swaddlez Diaper Liners. Will save laundry and cleaning in the long run!!! No more poo getting on bedding and floors…caused by a crawl away baby!! If you have ever changed your baby in a public bathroom… You’ll really want the protection of these Swaddlez changing pad liners! To protect your babies bottoms from all the germs and bacteria lurking around!


Cove Castile Soap

If you’re looking for a all natural cleaner. Check this out at Amazon. It’s made by Cove and is a Pure and Vegan Castile Soap with Lavender and also Argan, Jojoba and Hemp certified organic oils. You can use it as a body wash/hand soap, shampoo, facial cleanser, dog shampoo, shaving soap, hand wash or dish soap, all purpose cleaning spray, kitchen and bathroom scrubber, window cleaner and laundry detergent. I have been using it to clean the floors and what I really noticed aside from how well it cleans is that my hands don’t get all dried out and red. With the added oils in this Castile Soap it keeps my hands moisturized. It’s a plus using a organic cleanser for the floor and getting all the dirt off of it, beings I have a grandson who crawls all over the floor.


Microfiber Towels

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Sure wish I had these prior to my recent adventures!! A set of Microfiber Multi towels each with its own bag! Perfect for hiking adventures, camping and just keeping in your backpack so when you feel like laying down or you need to dry off after a swim!!! It’s handy and compact!! There are many times when we are on a fun hiking adventure or on a all day biking adventure that I had seen the perfect spot to lay down and just relax and take in the scenery but there is never room In my backpack for a normal sized towel! But now with these microfiber towels I’ll be able to carry it on all our adventures. The extra large is perfect to lay down on. And it is all perfect after shower/swimming towel to dry off! The uses are endless! I’m very happy that I now have these towels!!!
You can find this great set of Microfiber towels at Amazon! Follow this link. http://amzn.to/1swcTVc


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Living Nature Review

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I am always on the look out for a more natural body wash. I tend to have dry skin from the neck down. This Gentle Foaming Cleanser by Living Nature states on box it is for all skin types. What attracted me to wanting to try body wash is the ingredient of Manuka honey. Which is produced in New Zealand where this body wash is also produced. It’s made by bees who pollinate the Manuka bush. I have recently been reading about this manuka honey being one of the most unique and beneficial forms of honey anywhere in the world. I have been researching this honey and all items made from it and so I just had to try this body wash by Living Nature. It also contains manuka oil, which I have discovered to be an amazing oil I have ever come across! This body wash also contains some extracts such as ginger root, and kelp extract. It’s certified organic and made in New Zealand and it is synthetic free and animal free and also it isn’t tested on animals either.
I have been using this everyday for about a week and have enjoyed it. It has a nice light scent. My skin feels great after using it. I had a bad sunburn when this arrived and I gently used this on some real red areas and I am a believer in Manuka’s healing properties and was happy to have this around.
You can find it by following this link  https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01FF30JYI


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Pashoshi Baby

What a great set of bandana bibs Pashoshi Baby by  plus a pacifier clip and a bottle/sippy cup holder. I like the quality of all of these! I have been using the bottle/sippy cup holder in my grandsons high chair and it has been great! We all know how often little ones toss everything and anything off their trays. Love the pattern! The pacifier clip holder is very cute with a different pattern on each side! They are vibrant and perfect for little ones to look at. Love the sizes of the bandana bibs by  Pashoshi Baby and the super soft material. I am happy to see darker fabrics instead of too much white. As babies do spit up and material does stain if you can’t wash it out right away! So I love seeing businesses add dark fabrics! The seam is sewed nicely and I LOVE that there are 3 snaps!! That additional snap is a bonus! Something that is very seldom seen. Thank you!!

These are absorbent and keep my grandsons clothing dry as he drools all day long. The material is so soft next to his skin.

Washing is easy. Just use cold water and then lay flat to dry. Shape holds just like new with no rolling edges.

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