Soriano Nel Cimino, Italy

IMG_1668Our Favorite Destination

Soriano Nel Cimino, Italy

As my husband and I  were minutes away from our destination. A quaint village Soriano Nel Cimino,Italy. A place we have been twice before in a span of 6 years and although it wasn’t often… It felt as though we were coming home!

We have no residence here,in Sorinao Nel Cimino and we stay in a time share ‘resort’ it’s not your usual resort with a pool and all the amenities next to the big beautiful sea. But up on a hill a very steep hill sits a historical building, once a Palace said to house a son of a Pope!  But back to my point!! It’s not the resort or the location that gave us this warm feeling! It’s memories of the prior years of our days spent at the Piazza mingling with the locals who are the friendliest people we have ever met on our journeys. They greet you in the morning the afternoon and evening! They chatter…they smile and look in to your eyes!

Here we are tourists invading their amazing quaint and full of so much life village and they love it! They live there and just don’t go through the actions… They live life to the fullest!!!

You hear so many different conversations going on… Laughter and many hand movements… They are Italian! They meet and greet each other on benches next to the road and at the Cafe Bar. The people of this village don’t sit in their homes all day! But spend most of it outside! I love how you can hear Soriano Nel Cimino slowly wake up in the morning and then vibrantly till after lunch and then it’s as though All of Soriano Nel Cimino is in a Siesta mode and once again around 5ish you hear the life of this village! And you just can’t wait to get out and live among the locals!!


I was in a conversation with a new friend and he was shocked to hear that America has no Piazza! He asked where you visit with your neighbors and sadly I said we don’t come together and therefore not everyone even knows their neighbor! Shocking for him. He couldn’t believe it.  In a moment I was sadden cause what living we are missing out on! The locals take such an importance on remaining social and being outdoors. Enjoying a coffee or a beer. Most noteworthy is how the elderly gentleman group together… Together being the main thought here!! How wonderful that they are not growing old alone but together!!

The elderly walk up the very steep mountain hills with no problem where I’ve seen younger visitors struggle. I just love seeing this kind of community! The locals of Soriano Nel Cimino are one big family.

If you want to really see Italy!! This is the place. It is so close to Rome, Tuscany and Florence. We visit these very touristy cities in Italy but are always so happy to return to Soriano. It is relaxing. You will experience real Italian cuisine at Rottezzia. Voted #1 by Trip Advisor.  Read about them here.

This is a family run restaurant in a cave! Mama  cooks, and it is amazing!! Egisto, the father, meets and greets the guests and you’ll find him joining guests for meals. Speaks great english and has become our friend. Emanuel, the son, runs the bar and Giada, is your hostess along with some other family members. It is our favorite place in Italy to eat!! Aside from Mama’s house!

IMG_0093 IMG_0418Our Favorite Table out on the balcony.


Silicone muffin Pan

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The first weekend I had this I made several different items. First I wanted to make some single portions of jello. And this worked fine, only thing I would do different is next time I will run a small amount of coconut oil on the inside of the Silicone cups. After a couple hours in the fridge I popped them out and washed it and moved on to baking some pecan muffins. Once again this worked great. I did use coconut oil on each Silicone cup and I had no sticking at all. They baked at the time recommended in the recipe. No problems. I also used this Silicone tray to make some individual egg or omelette muffins. This time I sprayed some cooking oil in each one to prevent sticking. Baked according to instructions and had no issues getting these out of the pan. As you can see in the attached pictures. The only thing you need to always remember is to use a baking sheet. You must put this Silicone Tray on a baking sheet prior to filling up the individual cups. Otherwise you will have an interesting trip trying to carry this.
This is heat resistant for this Silicone muffin and cupcake tray is  up to 450 degress Fahrenheit. It is dishwasher and freezer safe. I did have it in the dishwasher with no problems. This would be a great Silicone tray for freezing portion sized meals too. Haven’t used it for that yet.

You can check out some pictures here.

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ChiroDoc review

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Here is a great tool for a type of acupuncture and massage The ChiroDoc.  With this ChiroDoc  you can reach all the spots that need extra attention. I will have to admit I haven’t been able to use it as much as I’d like. The manual was missing and I have been waiting at least 2 weeks for one to arrive. I was excited for this massage tool to arrive and when I opened the box I was surprised that no booklet came with this ChiroDoc.  I was told it must have been forgotten and one would be mailed to me. My husband has used while abroad and enjoyed the feeling and the results and so I know we have a great product here, I just need more time to research it. Products such as this would benefit me if it came with a booklet. I don’t always have time to sit and do my own research, I will have to now to get full benefits of this massage tool. I did receive a few pictures emailed to me. You can just kind of play around and use it on various areas of your body. But be-careful, too much pressure applied can be painful.
It’s very sturdy. Quality made for sure.  #Chirodoc #Massage #Accupressure

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Swaddlez review

When you’re little one never lays still during a diaper change! These covers by #swaddlez are great! For home and away! Great for babies and toddlers! Super soft #bamboo and naturally #hypoallergenic you’ll get a pack of 3  Swaddlez Diaper Liners. Will save laundry and cleaning in the long run!!! No more poo getting on bedding and floors…caused by a crawl away baby!! If you have ever changed your baby in a public bathroom… You’ll really want the protection of these Swaddlez changing pad liners! To protect your babies bottoms from all the germs and bacteria lurking around!


Cove Castile Soap

If you’re looking for a all natural cleaner. Check this out at Amazon. It’s made by Cove and is a Pure and Vegan Castile Soap with Lavender and also Argan, Jojoba and Hemp certified organic oils. You can use it as a body wash/hand soap, shampoo, facial cleanser, dog shampoo, shaving soap, hand wash or dish soap, all purpose cleaning spray, kitchen and bathroom scrubber, window cleaner and laundry detergent. I have been using it to clean the floors and what I really noticed aside from how well it cleans is that my hands don’t get all dried out and red. With the added oils in this Castile Soap it keeps my hands moisturized. It’s a plus using a organic cleanser for the floor and getting all the dirt off of it, beings I have a grandson who crawls all over the floor.


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