Pashoshi Baby

What a great set of bandana bibs Pashoshi Baby by  plus a pacifier clip and a bottle/sippy cup holder. I like the quality of all of these! I have been using the bottle/sippy cup holder in my grandsons high chair and it has been great! We all know how often little ones toss everything and anything off their trays. Love the pattern! The pacifier clip holder is very cute with a different pattern on each side! They are vibrant and perfect for little ones to look at. Love the sizes of the bandana bibs by  Pashoshi Baby and the super soft material. I am happy to see darker fabrics instead of too much white. As babies do spit up and material does stain if you can’t wash it out right away! So I love seeing businesses add dark fabrics! The seam is sewed nicely and I LOVE that there are 3 snaps!! That additional snap is a bonus! Something that is very seldom seen. Thank you!!

These are absorbent and keep my grandsons clothing dry as he drools all day long. The material is so soft next to his skin.

Washing is easy. Just use cold water and then lay flat to dry. Shape holds just like new with no rolling edges.

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