GradeAGlobal Review

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I have a Pitboxer Granddog who doesn’t always listen. I prefer him to stay in the laundry room when his family visits and not have free range of my pet free (hair free) home. With his families permission I began using this GradeAGlobal Training collar with vibration mode to remind him to go back to laundry room when I used the vibration mode. As you can see in the video he continues to be a work in progress as he just isn’t learning as of yet what the vibration means. Could also be me, because I have never attempted to train an animal, unless you count by childhood bunny.
That being said this GradeAGlobal¬† system was easy to set up even for a beginner like me. I went through the manual several times, reading about each step and the pieces included in this system. I had the system next me as I read through the manual so that I could familiarize myself with each item. You’ll receive a manual, rechargeable collar receiver and remote transmitter. You’ll be able to charge both of these devices at the same time. This system is safe and humane and has 100 levels of vibration and static shock and is also waterproof. It comes with a 1 year free replacement warranty from GradeAGlobal.¬† Hooch ( the grand dogs name) family will begin using this as a tool for teaching him how to walk and not pull. We have a leash law where we live and so we will probably still need some sort of leash on him but they hope to this will teach him how to walk next to them nicely. Hooch doesn’t have a barking problem and thank goodness!
As far as using the shock, we haven’t yet as we are hoping along with the vibration Hooch will listen if not we will move on to the sound and then the shock. He is a very good dog as far as staying in the yard it’s just when he is inside he wants to act like he lives here, and have free wandering rights.
I will update as need be as his family trains him to walk nicely.
Overall I am very happy with this product but I can’t compare it to others as I am a first timer.

You can find this great product at Amazon! Here is the link!

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