ChiroDoc review

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Here is a great tool for a type of acupuncture and massage The ChiroDoc.  With this ChiroDoc  you can reach all the spots that need extra attention. I will have to admit I haven’t been able to use it as much as I’d like. The manual was missing and I have been waiting at least 2 weeks for one to arrive. I was excited for this massage tool to arrive and when I opened the box I was surprised that no booklet came with this ChiroDoc.  I was told it must have been forgotten and one would be mailed to me. My husband has used while abroad and enjoyed the feeling and the results and so I know we have a great product here, I just need more time to research it. Products such as this would benefit me if it came with a booklet. I don’t always have time to sit and do my own research, I will have to now to get full benefits of this massage tool. I did receive a few pictures emailed to me. You can just kind of play around and use it on various areas of your body. But be-careful, too much pressure applied can be painful.
It’s very sturdy. Quality made for sure.  #Chirodoc #Massage #Accupressure

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