In Maui there is so much to do and so many different companies selling certain activities that it can be a bit intimidating. One thing I do prior to traveling is research, research, research!! I want to find the best prices, the activity with the best reviews and coupons or promo codes for online booking! We also don’t mind the timeshare meetings! Hey if we can score an activity that normally costs $90 a person and for 90 minutes of our time we are given this!! Oh yeah we are going to suffer through it!!

So here is a horseback riding activity we did!! It was fabulous! The horses were well trained, the views were just breathtaking and Frenchie our guide was pretty cool! We were also lucky to be in a group with only another couple.

Mendes Ranch
Mendes Ranch

Did I mention this was our first trip to Maui? So of course we had to go out to Molokini and snorkel!  What a amazing time. First time snorkeling for me. Was a bit overwhelming at first. Lucky for me my husband was right next to me! I soon relaxed and enjoyed the view. And what a view it was. Beautiful multicolored schools of fish swimming right next to us. Gorgeous coral to admire. The crew was great. They provided the suits and lunch! Nothing real special but it was good and filling.  We had enough time in this crater area and our next stop was Turtle Town where we were once again in the water and this time we were swimming next to these amazing turtles. What an adventure. Do you need to go on one of these snorkeling adventures? Not really, you can rent snorkeling equipment and go to the beach! But why not hop on a cruise and enjoy all the dolphins you may see and just the beautiful Pacific as you sit back and relax! And if is Whale Watching season…double bonus! I have no pictures to share from that adventure. A little to wet to get the Nikon out!

I also do my homework on Restaurants… Who doesn’t love to eat? I use YELP for this. I read the reviews and check out the menus.  Our first time in Maui we stayed at a bed and breakfast and so this place was nearby and when you see all the locals eating their, you know its good! So good we went there several times!

Right across and a bit down is a great place to have pizza and a cocktail!

One place that was recommended and we gave it a try was Mama’s Fish House. Very nice restaurant situated on the coast in Paia. Prices are quite high and the food quality very low.  I would give this place a 10 for its location but its food and service would be half of that.

There is so much more to share about Maui but I will be saving that for another post!










Introduction Everday Life

Everyday Life

Everyday Life has many meanings. It can be anything from Fitness,Clean eating, Woman’s health. And so many more!

These will all be based on my opinions, experiences and beliefs!

I plan on sharing exercises that I enjoy doing.  Via pictures and videos that I follow on Youtube and Pinterest.  My families clean eating journey, cause after all we weren’t raised to NOT eat Doritos and wash it down with a Coke! We have come a long way in the last few years!  Woman’s health… Premenopause comes to my mind, I have reached that age and I have ALOT to say about it! And so much more!!

Water Kefir

Water Kefir Grains
Water Kefir Grains

Water Kefir grains are used to make a lacto-fermented  probiotic carbonated drink. This drink will provide you with a magnificent source of healthy bacteria and yeast.

Why is (water) kefir good for your health?

It is loaded with valuable enzymes, easily digestible sugars, beneficial acids, vitamins and minerals. Water kefir is also generally suitable for some diabetics (though personal discretion is advised). It also is a nice option if you are trying to avoid the caffeine present in kombucha, but still seeking a probiotic drink. Water kefir supplies your body with billions of healthy bacteria and yeast strains. Some store-bought probiotic foods or supplements can help, but they are not as potent, and do not contain the beneficial yeasts usually (just bacteria). Within your body there are already billions of bacteria and yeast. Your internal microflora support proper digestion, synthesis of vitamins and minerals. Your immune system by warding off foreign and harmful bacteria, yeast and viruses. It has thus long been known to promote and aid in digestion and overall health. Some studies show it may be anti-mutagenic and help manage free radicals in the body. Folic acid (and B vitamins) increases as the length of the ferment increases. Some people let the strained kefir sit on the counter or the fridge another day to increase the folic acid and B vitamin content before drinking (this will increase the acidity too). Kefir may also help reduce blood pressure and cholesterol. As with most things we’ve personally found, food and health is too difficult to reduce to facts and statistics. While kefir is not a magic bullet for health (what is) we believe kefir has a myriad of possible health benefits, and those will be individual for everyone. Some feel it helps them digest better, others get colds and viruses less often, some get more energy, and some people feel nothing much in particular, but enjoy the taste and value of it over store-bought yogurt, kombucha or kefir.

You will be able to experiment with any flavor you desire. I will share more on how to flavor on upcoming posts!



We discovered Kombucha at a Whole Foods while traveling several years ago. We weren’t crazy for it and stopped there without doing any research.  In January 2014 I was traveling and grabbed a bottle after security at a airport. It was Mango. I could smell the “fermented” scent. Brought memories of my dad making wine as a child with oranges! And so I decided to finally do some research and was amazed at the benefits. But at almost $4.00 + a bottle I needed a more budget friendly way.  I discovered you can make you own for a couple bucks a gallon compared to 4.00+ for 8oz.

So I hope you will follow along as I share some different recipes and health benefits!

Bottling home made Kombucha
Bottling home made Kombucha




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