Gross-Kleinsasser Family Tree

Margaret Kleinsasser is my Mothers mom, my Grandma. She was married to Paul Wollman and they had 1 son together before Paul senior passed away. I believe it was an accidental death but I don’t remember. My Grandma later married Daniel Gross. Together they had 11 children, 2 0f which passed young. I believe one from an illness and one was kicked by a horse. My Grandpa Daniel passed at a young age of 47 years young. Of a heart attack. My mom was just 2 months in to her 13th year of life when she lost her dad. My mom left the Schmiedeleut hutterite colony way of living at the age of 17 on January 14,1962

Paul Wollman 6-6-1905/6-20-1929 Margaret (Gretal)Kleinsasser


Margy- Jason

Barbara- Johnathan, Rachelle,Zach

Darlene- Rebecca,Emma,Daniel

Pauly- Paul Anthony, Travis, Amanda

Kathy- Joseph,Joshua,Jessika

Barbara- RIP

RIP- Emma

RIP- Paul June 13,

Next Generation

Jason ~Gavin, Isaiah,Eliyanah

Paul Anthony ~Jonas, Charlese

Joseph ~ Zaiyden

Amanda ~ Gretchen,Kapri

Emma ~ Theodore

Established 1934

Daniel Gross 1909-1956

Margaret Kleinsasser 1906-1996


Rosi- Alicia, Lindsey


Dori- Jason

Helen- Joshua, Wade

Lori- Nathan, David, April

Harry- Tiffany, Amanda

Kathy- Kristin, Cody

Danny- Cindy, Jay, Megan

RIP- Daniel 1931- December 6,2000

RIP- Katie

Next Generation-


Nathan- Nathaniel, Carson,Jonathan

April- Alexzander



Kristin- Kyra,Adeline,Everett

Cody- Kolt

Margaret December 28,1932-October 13,1939

Andrew Gross  August 15,1934- August 18,1934


Danny- Melissa, Justin

Jonathan- Joshua, Jonathon, Andrea

Pete- 0


Eddy-Christopher, Corey, Amanda

RIP- Jacob December 25,1934- December 28,2002

Next Generation

Christopher- Joclynn

Corey- Aleina

Melissa- Abdiel, Lyrick

Andrea- Randy, Gage

Jonathan, Sarah,Gracie,Jackson


Dana- Amber

RIP- Edwin 1937- February 25,1989

RIP- Gwen

Next Generation

Amber- Andrew, Aubrie,Alexa,AudreyAna, Alana






RIP- Alfred 1938- July 15, 1979

Next Generation


Dorothy- 0

Daniel- Zachary, Alex

RIP~ Ed Ulmer May 2020


Debbie- Christoper, Jacob

Diane- Justin, Kayla

Next Generation-

Christopher- Carter

Justin- Giovanny, Andreas, Eloise

Kayla- Gabriel


Angie, Zach

Sherie- Justin,Tiffanie,Brittany

Troy- RIP March 1978

Albert – Rip 1945- April 15, 1999

Kyle- RIPMarch 16,2979- March 25,2013

Sherie- RIP July 27,1968- Sept 21,2020

Next Generation

Tiffanie- Melissa, Analiegh
Brittany- Esme


No children

RIP- Ernie


Eddy- 3 kids

Sandra 0



Lonnie- RIP Sept, 23, 2005



RIP – Rueben 1945-

Next Generation-

Many of the above siblings/spouses have passed.

Some are incomplete as we no longer have contact with those who live in the colonies.

What I was able to find on Ancestry.

I believe I have some document that Grandpa signed for Census or something.,. I’ll try to locate once I have assess to my laptop in US.

Grandma Margaret Gross
I will have to scan in a copy to make it 100% readable
Thank you Angie for sharing your copy

My Grandma Margaret Gross in Center, Uncle Rueben Gross on bottom and his children at the top

All Gross’s came from this Family

They originated from Karnten, Austria.

                                       Born                    Married                    Died

Jerg Gross                                                       1-9-1793                   10-6-1830

Julianna Lausner            1777                10-2-1795               

Ephraim                         10-2-1795                                                   8-9-1817

Andreas                          1-18-1798                                                  4-28-1801

Justina                             5-23-1800

Helena                            2-22-1802                                                

Noah                               7-27-1804                                                 10-10-1808

Christina                         11-27-1806                                              12-23-1808

Esras                                6-17-1809                                                            10-2-1809

Magdalena                       11-10-1816                                                  3-14-1819

Rachael                           12-31-1810                                                   6-2-1852

I found this above information in a Hutterite Book.

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