Clove Essential Oil Review



I love using clove essential  oil and was excited to see it in a 4oz bottle. I had never purchased this brand and was a bit turned off by the scent of it. But I decided to go ahead and use it in the same way I use my more costly clove oil. I use on my wrists if I have to much strain on them and I also rub it on my lower back. I always use a carrier oil. This First Botany didn’t give me the warming feeling I was accustomed too. The scent it has seems almost artificial and I was happy that about 15 minutes after applying I could no longer smell it. It just isn’t pleasant at all. I also did the taste test and pure clove oil is hot! I have put a drop of my normal brand on my toothbrush and my mouth was on fire for a good hour afterwards. This one didn’t even burn a little bit. The bottle says it is 100% pure and natural and had I never tried other clove oils, I might believe but its just doesn’t appear to be 100% pure.
‪#‎fbclove‬ If you’re interested you can find it here.

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